Project Overview

In the era of Web 2.0, whether it's experiencing a high-quality game, reading the latest news information, or watching rich video content, these activities bring us a lot of joy and provide us with more knowledge and information. However, these experiences also consume a significant amount of time and attention, and yet this time and attention cannot generate other forms of income simultaneously. Rational utilization of this time could bring in income over $10 per hour, but it may result in the loss of more enjoyment and the value of information in life. However, with the technological transformation of Web 3.0, everything has become possible anew. When you experience games like "Genshin Impact," read news, or watch videos on the XWORLD platform, you not only enjoy the pleasure and benefits of these activities, but also convert the time and attention you invest into actual income. This is because the data and behavior you generate on the platform provide value to the XWORLD platform. In XWORLD, this value is quantified as "BUILD," and based on these BUILDs, we will provide you with various forms of income returns. This means that whether you are exploring new worlds in games, reading the latest news, or watching exciting videos, you are creating income for yourself. In XWORLD, instead of being free, your time and attention becomes valuable, even profitable.
Last modified 8mo ago